Christmas – just around the corner

People get excited about all kinds of different things at this time of the year. For children it tends to be about the gifts they’re anticipating; for adults it’s more likely to be the chance to catch up with loved ones or enjoy the time off. It’s not always an easy season for everyone; it can be a painful time in various ways for many people, so I encourage us all to be mindful of those who might find Christmas a struggle.

Whatever our thoughts are about Christmas, whether we view it as an exciting or challenging time (or a combination of both), today we hope you will draw that bit closer to the central person of Christmas: Jesus, the one who came to transform our lives and set us free through his redeeming love. The apostle John described Jesus as ‘the true light’ (John 1:9). Whatever Christmas means to you, why not allow the light of Christ to illuminate your way?