New Year

I love the thought that a new year is all about new beginnings. Of course the memory of previous events is not wiped, but there’s something wonderfully optimistic about the ‘blank canvas’ mind-set that we feel more inclined to adopt as we enter into a new year. Many people make resolutions on January 1st and, while I admire the desire to make life adjustments, from my own past experiences, I know that resolutions rarely have a long lasting effect.

I’m convinced now that the key to a changed life is rooted in revelation rather than resolution. To my mind, resolution relies on willpower and human determination, whereas revelation in our Christian context points us to a God who resources us to go beyond our earthly limitation through the faith that he has made available to us and the power of his Holy Spirit that is ours for the asking. Every day can be a day of fresh revelation as we walk with Christ and make ourselves open to whatever God wants to do through us and in us. There really is no time like the present to shake off the things that have distracted and hindered us and apply a sense of renewal and expectation as we embrace a new year in partnership with the living God!