Quickening the pace

So here we are in September and a new season beckons as we head into autumn. In church life, it’s often a time when the slower steps of the holiday season give way to a faster rhythm, as we quicken the pace of fulfilling God’s mandate for us as local church.

Of course, this year feels different. The unofficial catchphrase of churches around the world has been along the lines of, ‘We live in challenging times.’ Let’s face it, the church thrives on community, and the restrictions have challenged us all! The glorious picture of the first-century believers being ‘together and (having) all things in common… continuing daily with one accord in the temple… breaking bread from house to house… praising God and having favour with all the people. And the Lord added to the church daily those who were being saved’ (Acts 2:44-47) seems a far cry from where we are at the moment.

However we thank God for the technology that has helped to facilitate church in these difficult times and next week is our AGM – the accounts and annual report are available below. Even though much of the information pertains to our pre-COVID achievements, we are pleased to be able to feed back a healthy picture of fulfilling vision and seeing the generosity of God’s people manifest even during this unprecedented time.

Let us remember and celebrate again the faithfulness of God, who loves us so much that he came in flesh in the person of Jesus Christ. Whatever our challenges, let’s remain steadfast in the faith that he has gifted us with and let’s pray and prepare for better days.

In other news…
Last Sunday, towards the closing of our live stream meeting, I asked church to pray for the elders as we look to move forward and I’m delighted to be able to say that after much prayer and consideration, we’ll be opening the church building at 4pm on Sundays for a short time of prayer and reflection. We’ll trial this for a month and then appraise the situation. Please continue to pray and scroll down for further details.