Approach Him afresh every day

I don’t know about you, but I thought last Sunday took some beating! I don’t often ‘blow our own trumpet’ at CCC, but I was truly blessed by the way we were led in worship: God’s presence was tangible, as it was as people responded to the word.

This week I’m challenged not to take His presence for granted. Central to our maturing in Christ is our need to seek Him afresh daily (and not just for Sundays!) Exodus chapter 16 illustrates this perfectly: God provided food in the form of a bread-like substance called manna for the Israelites on a daily basis; it was vital to their survival in a long-term desert environment. God’s only instruction was that the Israelites didn’t keep any from yesterday’s supply (with the exception of the sixth day, when they were allowed to take double in respect of the Sabbath day that followed). Clearly the Lord was aiming to teach His people how to trust Him in the harshest of environments, and to have faith. As we apply that to our lives, and realise that He is with us even in the most difficult times, let’s appreciate again our essential need to approach Him afresh every day with a sense of dependence to receive new revelation of His goodness and provision for today! Let’s not rely on old supplies, but seek His face anew and anticipate something fresh today.