A new perspective

I have a question before we worship God together: how do you feel right now? How would you define your mood: up or down; happy or grumpy; preoccupied or focused? Or maybe you just feel like you’re going with the flow and don’t particularly feel you can define how you’re feeling. It wasn’t a trick question! We all experience a multitude of feelings and emotions throughout the course of a day; it’s what makes us human. Usually our mood is our reaction to external circumstances, although sometimes we can’t quite explain why we feel the way we do.

While we can’t always do anything about our situation, we can take charge of how we are going to react! When we walk in the power of the Spirit, he helps us to see all kinds of things differently. His whole ministry is to reveal Christ and help us to react more like our amazing saviour. The Lord himself referred to the Holy Spirit as ‘another counsellor’ (John 14:16); one who will guide us and help us to be more like Jesus, no matter what we might face.

If you are struggling, I encourage you to open up to the counsel of God through his Spirit. Maybe as we worship him and come around his word, God will show you a new perspective; be encouraged and be ready!