Walking with the Holy Spirit

Today we resume our ‘walking with…’ series and we’ll be asking what it means to walk with the Holy Spirit. I think that the whole of the book of Acts is really a record of what it means to walk with the Holy Spirit. Luke wrote it as a sequel to his gospel, which recorded ‘all that Jesus began to do and to teach’ (Acts 1:1). As we move into Acts, we see the thrilling consequences of believers in Jesus being filled and motivated by the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:4) and how he steered them into all kinds of situations in their quest to display the reality of the life, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus the Messiah.

The Holy Spirit was the essential source of power that ignited the early church and blazed a trail across the known world. Acts tells us how important being in step with the Holy Spirit is if we are going to push boundaries and operate at a level that truly demonstrates the authenticity of God’s power and love. We definitely need to walk with the Holy Spirit and tap into his counsel, wisdom and courage if we are going to be effective messengers.

Another powerful message of Acts is the desire of God to partner with you and me. Of course, the Holy Spirit could bring transformation alone, but he’s chosen to do it with us. So let’s accept the challenge, get excited and hold tight as we walk
with him!