The challenge of change

I came to the conclusion a long time ago that change is never easy: it disrupts and diverts us from pathways that many of us never really chose to walk. Maybe where we find ourselves now is the fruit of just going with the flow and it feels okay! For most of us, we will sense that we are where God wants us and living among people whom we want to be with. That, of course, is fine as long as we have not closed ourselves down to the possibility of God-inspired challenge and change for today! Enjoying our lot is not a bad thing: contentment is a great blessing. But closing ourselves off to the possibility that God may want to do a new thing in us or through us may possibly rob us of something truly adventurous!

When Jude urges his friends to ‘build yourself up in your most holy faith’ (Jude verse 20) he was saying to get ready for something that is bigger than your present capabilities! We are being built to carry out the purposes of Christ and, if we restrict that to the confines of the familiar, then that robs us of our need for faith! Today, I encourage you to ‘build yourself up’, open yourself to change and allow God to do the rest.