You will receive power

I’m excited today to be bringing the first instalment of a short series of messages centred around the first six chapters of the book of Acts. There is so much we can learn from the whole narrative for each of our lives, yet the key common factor to the many great exploits we find in every chapter seems to be power. In preparing the way for the promised Holy Spirit, Jesus says that, when He (the Holy Spirit) comes upon you, ‘you will receive power’ (Acts 1:8). It sounds awesome and it is! And the great news is that the same Holy Spirit is eager to guide, equip and empower us as we live our lives today. I encourage you, as we journey together in looking at Acts over the next handful of weeks, to go beyond the thoughts of ‘how great, but that was then!’ and allow the main question to consist of: ‘How can that power impact my life today?’