A busy week on the global stage

It’s been a busy week on the ‘global stage’: we continue to keep our prayerful eyes on Syria and the devastating activities taking place in Mosul, Aleppo and the surrounding areas. Our prayers are also very much needed for the displaced people who had found their way to Calais. Whatever our political thoughts, let’s remember that several thousand people now face uncertainty. Please also pray for America as it goes to the polls in just over a week’s time to make the challenging choice between Clinton and Trump! These are but a few issues that need our prayers.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the news, but here’s some good news: let’s not forget that around two thousand years ago Jesus declared his own headlines. During another turbulent time in world history (of which there have been many), Jesus declared, ‘Behold, I am coming soon.’ (Revelation 22:7) To make sure we get the message, Jesus repeats it again in verse 12! Let’s be reminded that our saviour is alive and He is the ultimate king and ultimate lord. He has His finger on the pulse of time and eternity, and He will return when God the Father gives the signal. Be encouraged that today’s news is not ‘news’ to the Lord, and the best thing we can do is remain close to, and steadfast in, Him.