Identity in Christ

I’ve been thinking this week about the things that motivate us: our beliefs, our dreams, our hopes and expectations, our passions!

James, the brother of Jesus and the author of the epistle that is named after him, seems to have a number of emphases that come out in his writing. He is writing to ‘twelve tribes scattered among the nations’ (James 1:1), i.e. Jewish people dispersed. In the light of some fairly major challenges among the people — chapter one verse two talks of ‘facing trials of many kinds’ — James keeps his cool and his composure. He urges focus and perspective, writing to his spiritual brothers ‘as believers in our glorious Lord Jesus Christ’ (James 2:1).

Whatever we might be facing today, I encourage you to hold on to a sense of your identity in Christ. That’s where every solution begins to unfold; that is where we begin to find our belonging, our power, and our strength! If you feel weak and lacking today, remember who you are in Christ and just how glorious and capable He is!