Open for business!

Our summer bulletin is available today, and we hope it’s a useful guide in keeping updated with all things ‘CCC’. Although we are condensing all the information into one booklet, Church is still very much open for business: the business of being centred in Christ, connected in relationship, called to community and challenged to grow! These are our values; whether it’s summer or winter, they form a pretty good picture of how we are called to live our lives as followers of Jesus.

We may be gearing up for the holiday season (and who doesn’t need a time of rest? It’s biblical!) But let’s be reassured that God never takes time out. Psalm 121 is a great reminder that the Lord never stops watching over us: He never ceases protecting and guiding or loving us … ‘He will not slumber nor sleep’ (verse 4). The message is clear: God is more committed to you and me than we could even begin to comprehend. His love is relentless, and we are called to live in the light of that truth, whether we’re on holiday or not!

The Pastor’s Pen blog is taking a break until September, but check out the rest of the website to keep up to date with what’s on.