How to live in challenging times

So spring finally sprung this week, as last Wednesday marked the official changing of the season! I particularly love this transition because you can really see it happening before your very eyes: flowers bringing much-needed colour; new leaves sprouting and even the rain seems that little bit more tolerable! To me the seasonal changes are a wonderful reminder that God is still in charge and it is business as usual. We live in challenging times but our creator still occupies the power seat. We have so much to feel optimistic about when we focus on the eternal blessings we have through the Lord Jesus Christ, rather than the worries of the world.

The problems of fear, doubt and uncertainty often have their roots in a loss of focus. Putting our trust in world systems, or sometimes even people, can distract us from keeping our gaze on Jesus. Those who cross unsteady bridges or climb precarious mountains are advised not to look down, but to keep looking upwards, because the change of focus can lead to instability and error.

Maybe, today, you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by the world and its events; be encouraged to ‘look up’ rather than ‘look down’. Ephesians 1:3 is a definite encouragement along those lines, acknowledging powerfully that God has blessed us ‘in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ’. This life was never promised to be without challenge, yet when we focus on the ‘heavenly’ in praise, worship and love, we centralise our saviour and our perspective will be transformed. Today is a great day to ‘look up’!