A healthy body

There’s something very special about being together. The apostle Paul likens the church to ‘the body of Christ’ (1 Corinthians 12:27), with Christ himself as the head, and you and me functioning in various ways to fulfil actions and movements to maintain the best representation of His presence, as we interact and unite under His headship! Paul’s metaphor is simple yet profound.

Paul also says, ‘… the body is not made up one part of many.’ (See 1 Corinthians 12:14.) We are called to different functions, yet totally dependent upon each other. When we act with cohesion and unity, Christ is glorified. When we choose to function and bless, the body is built and has an extra healthy glow! Yet when we choose to withdraw and withhold our gift, church is a little less vibrant. You and I are an essential part of God’s plan for here and for now and when we keep away from the body, there is a noticeable absence!

Whoever we are, church needs us to function passionately and wholeheartedly. In doing so, we come alive and feel more compelled to play our crucial part in lifting the name of Jesus; after all, it really is all about Him!