Works in progress

I have concluded again this week that one of the saddest things, especially among followers of Jesus Christ, is a believer who has little confidence. I realise I need to qualify that. I’m not talking about the difference between being loud and quiet; after all, there are many of us who might be described as ‘introverted’ and that’s okay! God gave us all unique personalities, designed to enrich our world and dovetail with his plans and purposes. Never think that you need to be an imitator of someone else; your circle of influence needs you to be you! However, that doesn’t mean we have to stay as we are; it just means that impersonating someone else isn’t the answer. Being content and confident in who we are in Christ, coupled with a regular infilling of the Holy Spirit, really is the most powerful springboard for a faith-fuelled life.

It’s okay that we are all ‘works in progress’; the key to our ongoing spiritual growth is allowing ourselves to be shaped by God from a place of confidence in him. In Jeremiah 18:1-12 the Lord calls the prophet to go to the potter’s house where he sees the craftsman at work shaping a pot. The pot becomes ‘marred’ and the clay is thrown again and crafted once more in accordance with the potter’s vision. The Lord speaks to Jeremiah and explains that this is just like His people, who really need to be reformed in the creator’s hands. I believe that, as the people of God, we should be the most confident of people — confident to embrace God’s re-shaping and confident in embracing the destiny he has in store for us! I’m sure that, when we are confident in who we are in Christ and teachable to his ways, God finds it so much easier to shape us and mould us in accordance with his vision for our lives!