What to turn up and what to turn down

Part of my love and fascination for the church of Jesus Christ is the way it has no ceiling.

Living with no ceiling

As you’re reading this, you might be thinking of our building and saying to yourself, ‘Of course it has a ceiling, otherwise things would get pretty wet and cold in our changeable weather climate!’ Most of us realise that the church is not about a building, but the people who consider themselves disciples of Jesus Christ. Our venue serves us pretty well but it’s just a place of convenience for church to gather, primarily to worship and grow together in relationship and maturity as we learn from God’s word and encourage each other!

Turn it up series

Our current ‘turn it up’ preaching series is an invitation to live without a sense of ceiling. All kinds of things bring our personal ceiling lower, from lacking in confidence to ‘step out of the boat’ to feeling a bit demotivated and lacking the drive to ‘go deeper’ in our walk with God.

‘Turn it up’ is a challenge not to opt for a quiet life. Living ‘louder’ for God might seem like quite a challenge: we are not talking about decibels here, but living the kind of spiritual life that causes impact on us, through us and the way we live for the cause of Christ!

What to turn up and what to turn down

Head over to our podcast for 22 April 2018 to look at some of the things that we might benefit from having in our lives to help us live ‘louder’ and also identify some of the limitations that may need dealing with to help us banish low expectations for good!