What Jesus says about serving

This Sunday, we close our series of talks on relationships with what Jesus says about serving. Serving each other has to be one of the foundational principles of healthy relationships; Jesus demonstrated it and even said of himself, ‘The Son of Man came not to be served but to serve.’ (Matthew 20:28) When you think about it, serving each other is vital in showing that we love and care for those around us; a key aspect of healthy relationships!

Before we move on to other subject matters, let’s remind ourselves that the quality of our walk with God and those he’s given us to ‘do life’ with really depends on how much we are prepared to sow and invest of our time and commitment. So as we draw this subject matter to a close, let’s bear in mind that this really isn’t the end; it’s the beginning! In fact already our church is bearing fruit from an increase in effort to make time to be more relational.

So let’s continue to press on and embrace the challenge to be more relational as we seek opportunities to bless those who God has given us the privilege of journeying with!