We Will All Be Changed

This morning we are looking at the subject of the return of Jesus Christ!

In 1 Corinthians 15:51, 52, the apostle Paul remarks twice about what that means for us all … namely change! ‘We will all be changed’; the dead will be made alive and those who happen to be around will find their bodies utterly transformed as ‘perishable will have to put on the imperishable and … mortal must put on immortality’ (1 Cor 15:53). Wow! Words can barely do all of that justice! The coming of Christ will totally transform us then, but let’s remember that His presence is also for us now, by the power of the Holy Spirit, and Jesus wants to change us today to be more like Him.

One of the most powerful questions we can ask of ourselves today is: ‘How do I need to be changed?’ When we couple that thought up with a relinquishing of attitudes or expectations that have maybe acted as a barrier, stopping change, and actively allow God to have His way in our lives, it’s then that change can most certainly happen!