Vision Day

Today is our vision day. In case you’re wondering what that really means for us, it’s about looking forward! It’s true that we are taught by Jesus to live in today; it’s the only day that is guaranteed. However, He isn’t saying not to think about tomorrow; just don’t worry about it along the way. When we are excited and optimistic about the days ahead, we find ourselves released from the stress and worry about what might be, and our thoughts, hopes and dreams are driven more by a conviction of God’s faithfulness rather than our, often unfounded, dreads and fears! Jesus, in His glorious wisdom and understanding of how prone we are to stress about the unknown, said, ‘Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.’ (Matthew 6:34) It’s a powerful reminder that it is God Himself who holds our very future!

I’ve come to the conclusion that a vision day requires an accompanying vision mind-set, taking us beyond our fears for the future and misgivings regarding the past, and trusting in Him as we embrace the days to come. After all, when today is done, it will be our mind-set that determines how we apply the vision in the days ahead!