Thought for summer

It’s quite a powerful thing that we can impact someone’s life with our own. According to the Graduate Recruitment Bureau, we have made up our minds about a fresh acquaintance within seven seconds.

Interestingly, the calling of Jesus’ first disciples is met with an instant reaction: ‘At once they left their nets and followed him.’ (Matthew 4:20) Okay, it might be argued that these fishermen already knew Jesus by his reputation and I’m sure this was a major factor in their swift response. However, I’m also convinced that, during their memorable first encounter on the shore of Galilee, they saw enough of the Lord’s sincerity, authority and authenticity in his body language, his eyes and his tone of voice to provoke life-changing trust.

When it comes to ‘people interaction’, we all respond differently: some of us are good at initiating while others remain shy and passive. The more extraverted may find it easier to welcome and engage readily, while others steer clear and wait until we are spoken to.

Whatever the outward demonstration might look like, we are all called to demonstrate love indiscriminately in word and action, sincerely and with the authenticity of Christ himself.

(The pastor’s blog will take a break over summer.)