Share the benefits

We often greet each other by enquiring after someone’s day or week, even if it’s a just a throw-away, ‘How’s it going?’ It’s usually met with an automated response of, ‘Fine thanks,’ or the one that always makes me smile a little: ‘Mustn’t grumble!’ All of that can be a bit formal and lacking in substance. While I understand that, when we ask after acquaintances, keeping the greeting brief is more socially accepted, sometimes God gives us opportunities to share more, and there lies the challenge!

We sometimes find it difficult to shape our conversation with short testimonies, yet when delivered in a concise, unreligious way they can build a bridge to provoke thought and allow the Holy Spirit to open up deeper conversations! Even as Christians speaking to Christians, we often feel awkward about talking about spiritual things; thinking perhaps that our theology or Bible knowledge will somehow not ‘hold up’. Neither of those things should hinder us.

Today your testimony or thoughts might just encourage and bless someone in their situation, so let’s not hold back; let’s share together. Psalm 103:2 declares, ‘Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits.’

If the Lord has benefited you, don’t be shy or afraid to pass it on; He might just surprise you with the outcome!