Searching for wisdom

Reading through the book of Proverbs this week, I’m reminded again of just how practical (and spiritual) it truly is. This collection of guidelines on godly living brings many warnings and encouragements our way, providing a clear contrast between God’s heart for how He desires us to live and the pitfalls of the ‘fallen’ human condition that we are all inclined to pursue if we are left to our own devices! The chapters of Proverbs are so full of gems; King Solomon is the most well-known author of the collection, which is categorised as a work of ‘wisdom’ and, as we start reading, we can see just why it has that label!

We most certainly live in a time that desperately needs godly wisdom. The book of James tells us that if we’re lacking in it then all we have to do is ask and God will respond generously! (See James 1:5.) Surely it is when times are turbulent that we can see wisdom’s importance all the more and, for those of us who have searched elsewhere, we have probably realised that God is the one true source. Proverbs 29:25 says: ‘Fear of man will prove to be a snare, but whoever trusts in the Lord will be kept safe.’ It is a verse that could have been written today; an encouragement for all of us to place our hope and trust in Jesus, rather than anyone else, after all, He alone is ‘our refuge and our strength’ (Psalm 46:1).