Responding to fear

One of my favourite New Testament narratives has to be the account of Jesus and the disciples caught in a storm on Lake Galilee (Luke 8:22-25). Luke tells us that ‘the boat was being swamped and they were in great danger’. We are also told that Jesus is asleep and the disciples woke Him because they were convinced that they were going to drown. Jesus rebukes the elements and all became calm. The only words the Lord utters to those in the boat are, ‘Where is your faith?’ There’s no big discussion about the weather and how changeable the climate was around the lake; no justifying the disciples’ fear with apologies for being asleep; just, ‘Where is your faith?’ The reality is that Jesus was still in the boat, he just needed the guys to exercise some faith.

It’s easy to talk down our need for faith, legitimising our fears or being dependent on others or seeking out a practical solution. Often prayer is not our first response. I’m challenged again to prioritise the faith gift, and give God the opportunity to move in the given situation. After all, if we profess to have faith in Him, let us rely on Him. I challenge us all to pause and pray the prayer of faith a little more frequently, before we start worrying and fearing the worst. I’m convinced that whatever we go through Jesus is always with us (in the boat!), and exercising faith tells God that we really do trust Him!