Raising the spiritual temperature

Well, February certainly took us by surprise with its record-breaking temperatures. I have to admit that it has been hard to believe that we are still technically in winter! After enjoying the pleasantly warm sunshine, I’m ready for more! In some ways I feel that the last few weeks have mirrored the environment here at CCC, as we’ve looked at the person, ministry and impact of the Holy Spirit. It feels to me like God is raising the spiritual temperature among us. I’ve been encouraged to see an increase in response to what God is doing and it really feels like a new season!

Today is our final ‘Holy Spirit re-ignited’ session and we are looking at the Holy Spirit and what he wants to do in us today! One of the most potent images of the Holy Spirit is that of fire. (Remember Acts chapter 2:3 records that those receiving the Holy Spirit experienced ‘divided tongues as of fire’ resting ‘on each of them’.)

Fire heats, lights and consumes, but it has to be kept going. I’m reminded of my science classes from my school days and being taught that three things need to be present for fire to take place: oxygen, heat and fuel. Unlike fire, the Holy Spirit cannot be ‘snuffed out’, however we feel his true benefit when we are fuelled and warmed by hunger, expectation and faith! Let’s keep going for it, today can herald a new chapter in our walk with Jesus if we come fired up and ready to move forward as we allow the Holy Spirit to challenge and change us!