Pursue the presence of God

I am frequently challenged by the events I read in the Bible. It’s not that I don’t believe what I read, but I sometimes feel frustrated that we don’t see more miracles in our lives. As I process that thought further, I’m drawn to one of the greatest miracles ever recorded: the parting of the Red Sea in Exodus 14. It all sounds so great, but actually Moses and the Israelites were in a life or death situation; the miracle was their only possible way out. Of course, God doesn’t just give to us when He is our ‘last resort’; the first miracle of Jesus at Cana where He miraculously supplies the wine proves this. Miracles really are a mystery: we can pray and believe in faith and be disappointed by the lack of divine response, and sometimes we are surprised by the Lord’s intervention when we didn’t expect it. (Read the account of the crippled man healed at the temple gate in Acts 3:1-10.)

The presence of the miraculous requires the very presence of God: it’s not about hype or formula, or an indication of how popular we are or even a measure of our faith; it is by His grace and by His hand. Over the years I have learned that dealing with the disappointment of the missing miracle is also best processed in the assurance of God’s presence; reassured that He still loves us, cares and longs to draw us closer and teach us to still rely on Him no matter what! Whatever our experience and situation, it really is the presence of God that makes the dynamic difference and I encourage you to seek and pursue it passionately!