Pew research

It was nice to read something positive about faith in a newspaper this week, as a report was highlighted, analysing data from more than two dozen countries by a company called ‘Pew Research’. The findings concluded that those who follow a religion are generally far happier in life than those who have no faith. Once that seed had been sown with me, I thought, ‘How much happier again should those of us be who have a living and meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ, the unique saviour of the world?’

The prophet Jeremiah sums up the joy of knowing God, as he declares: ‘Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in Him.’ (Jeremiah 17:7) Even in the trials of life, let’s remember that we have a saviour in whom we can be confident, and who blesses us in so many ways! If today you feel a bit devoid of joy and not really in that ‘happy place’, I encourage you to remember and focus on the great things that God has done for you