Pentecost Sunday

As Christians, when we think Pentecost we’re thinking about the coming of the Holy Spirit. Acts 2 gives a powerful account, setting a scenario that provides a wonderful insight into the work and impact of the third member of the Trinity. The Holy Spirit arrives dramatically and supernaturally, lifting the early believers into the realm of the dynamic. Luke, the author of Acts, describes how they saw what appeared to be ‘tongues of fire’ resting on them and they consequently were able to ‘speak in other tongues as the Spirit enabled them’. (See Acts 2:3,4.)

The giving of the Holy Spirit is truly awesome. For some, it’s just ‘what happened way back then’ and not really relevant for twenty-first century life, but I challenge us, as spiritual descendants of that initial group who gathered in the upper room, these are days when we need to live in and rely on the power of the Holy Spirit like never before, as we seek to communicate the significance of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Let’s not neglect the power that has been made available to each and every believer; instead let’s be filled today so that we can be wonderfully effective tomorrow!