Passion Week

Well, we are now entering ‘Passion Week’; we might call it Easter week, but I prefer ‘Passion Week’. It’s hard to get so hung up on chocolate eggs and bunnies when we think ‘passion’ and allow our spiritual gaze to settle on the closing pre-resurrection actions of Christ.

‘Passion’ describes His fervency and determination to follow through with the mission chosen for Him ‘even before the creation of the world’ (1 Peter 1:20); passion that was not just spoken about but demonstrated through courage and love.

Many twists and turns followed for the Lord, as He proceeded through this most incredible of weeks. He was adored, celebrated, praised and worshipped, yet, as the clouds gathered, he was betrayed, let down, ridiculed, tortured, pierced, crucified and slain.

Of course we know that Resurrection Sunday makes sense of the Lord’s ordeal, but let’s not be too quick to gloss over the importance of Passion Week. In its events we see Christ’s humanity and deity on display and, surely, we can’t help but be overwhelmed by the magnitude of His commitment to sinners just like us. That is why the ‘passion’ description is so crucial: it doesn’t just illuminate Jesus to us it provokes those of us who are serious about following Him to be passionate too!