Managing distractions

One of the things I really admire about Jesus is His consistent ability to focus! I encourage you to read the words of Jesus in the gospel writings; they are often printed in red to make it easier to pick them out. You will see how sparingly, concisely and intentionally Jesus spoke. The same can be said about the relationships He formed, the places He visited and the decisions He made: all very much purpose-driven and led through prayerful consultation with the Father. Yet his days were far from straight-forward and tranquil: the crowds often pressed in on Him, His closest disciples frequently misunderstood Him and the religious leaders of the day persecuted Him. In John 5, we see the account of a man healed by the Lord at the pool in Bethesda. Rather than commending Jesus, the Jews responded badly towards Him because the event took place on the Sabbath, to which He responds: ‘My Father is always at His work… and I too am working’ (John 5:17). Jesus was not exempt from the incredibly strong distractions and attempts to undermine His mission, yet His determination to do the will of the Father was stronger!

It’s not always easy negotiating around what is God’s will and what it is not. Sometimes we find ourselves going round in circles and trying to find our own way forward. I’ve learned the hard way that asking for directions or plugging into the satnav is the best way to avoid getting lost. Maybe today you and I need to regain a sense of direction and focus. I encourage you to take time and find space to listen for God’s guidance. As you engage with Him afresh, you won’t be disappointed!