Living hope

In a week that has witnessed the most shocking of events, I realise again just how much our world needs to know the presence of the living God and the reassurance of being found ‘in Christ’. Our faith does not create exemption from devastation and suffering, but it does bring purpose, hope and, ultimately, salvation!

The apostle Peter goes as far as saying that part of our new birth in Christ is to bring us into a ‘living hope’ through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead (1 Peter 1:3). I love the term ‘living hope’: it’s not dusty or historical; it’s alive and relevant. Why wouldn’t it be? Jesus himself is alive!

The living hope we have is a powerful tool for life. For those who fear death or are afraid of life, let’s communicate ‘living hope’; for those who lack direction and purpose, or feel unloved and friendless, let’s be the ‘living hope’. Let’s live out our lives, being Christ-like and conveying His message of freedom and acceptance through Himself.

We live in challenging times; let’s choose to be sharper and unleash an extravagance of hope in even the darkest of places!