Lent challenge

March has already proved itself to be an interesting month but, despite the bite of the ‘Beast from the East’, spring is around the corner and it heralds a transitional time in many ways. The nights start to draw out a little more noticeably; the gardens start to indicate some life and colour, and we all start to feel a little better! The change of season from winter to spring is arguably the most dramatic of the changes, as we start to see dormant trees and plants beginning to ‘spring’ into life! That which we see changing around us is a great reminder of God’s faithfulness.

The build up to Easter (Lent) encourages us to go deeper and prepare for a spiritual change of season, as we allow God to do something different in our lives. When we encourage ourselves to engage afresh with the pinnacle of our faith (the sacrifice and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ), God will always bring something new, if we are open and keen to receive.

However Lent also challenges us again to live in the light of Christ’s second coming. When we engage again in the reality of that hope, we should surely live more confidently and purposefully and share our faith with more urgency and fervency! As we look forward to this Easter season, there are many opportunities, both individually and as the corporate family here at CCC, to go deeper and use these coming weeks to ‘spring’ forth into something new!

[The weekly blogs will continue again after Easter.]