Into September

As we move forward into September, we have the opportunity to get involved in all sorts of great church-based events and activities; next week we have our vision morning followed by an indoor picnic, I encourage you to prioritise it to catch the essence of where church is heading and it’s also a great chance to eat and chat afterwards and catch up with church family after the summer holidays.

On Friday, we have the opportunity to pray and fast and seek God together; an exciting time to intercede before the Lord and lift up a multitude of situations. As we progress through the autumn there are a number of ways for church to get together, build together, reach out together and bring the life of Christ into many different situations. Over the years I’ve realised more and more that we have to be intentional about our life so that we can prioritise. I have discovered from my own experience that it’s easy to get caught up and pre-occupied with events and actions that we haven’t chosen. Sometimes this is because we don’t want to offend by saying, ‘No,’ or maybe because we have no clear direction for our lives and consequently we just go with the flow.

A few weeks ago I left us with the challenge to seek God for our purpose: if you remember, we looked at Luke 4, when Jesus took the scroll of Isaiah and applied those awesome Messianic words to himself. The passage opens up: ‘The Spirit of the Lord is upon me.’ I have come to the conclusion that we lead the best life when we are guided by the Word of God and when we live filled with the Holy Spirit. After all, that’s what Jesus did!