I hope you’ll agree that it’s wonderful to know a saviour in Christ who has made it possible for all who profess faith in Him to be called ‘sons of God’ (Galatians 3:26). We are loved, known and blessed despite our status as ‘works in progress’, and the finished work of the cross really brings us into a new status with the God, who created us and knows everything about us!

Bearing this in mind, I’ve always been a little intrigued by the fact that the Lord chose to change some people’s names in the Bible. Jacob was named ‘Israel’ (meaning one who prevails with God), Simon was given the name ‘Peter’ (meaning rock or stone) and Saul became ‘Paul’ (meaning humble). These are more than just name changes; they indicate new identity, new spiritual experiences, new purposes and a prophetic call for the future!

Our identity is more than just our name; it can be our past, our peer group, our earthly family, our job, our sense of failure or even a summary of words that have been spoken over us. While we may stick with our given name (to avoid confusion!), our label might go far deeper and we may carry it around as a heavy weight. Today I encourage you to allow God to heal you, lift you and re-label you as His child. It’s time to walk in His freedom and move forward!