I Am

I think one of the main aims of our meeting together is to remind ourselves and each other that God is who he says he is! The ‘I Am’ declarations of God are both powerful and practical. The title is linked to the unique name of God, Yahweh; the name that declares the uniqueness of the creator and sustainer of the universe!

During the famous burning bush encounter in Exodus 3, Moses asked God whom he was to say had sent him, should the Israelites ask. The Lord responded, ‘You are to say ‘I Am has sent me to you.’ (Exodus 3:14) In other words, just declare the name that reflects my authority!

Jesus uses the ‘I Am’ statement too, particularly in John’s gospel; arguably the most well-known being, ‘I am the way the truth and the life.’ (John 14:6)

Without an understanding of the ultimate authority of God, our minds are susceptible to fear and we might also find ourselves searching for other forms of authority to trust in. Today, be encouraged: you don’t have to do that. Psalm 47:8 reminds us: ‘God reigns over the nations; God is seated on His Holy throne.’ So let’s keep trusting, keep believing and stay close to the one who constantly proves himself to be faithful and true!