How will we respond?

This Sunday we draw to the end of our ‘turn it up’ series, and I really feel it’s been a significant time for our church. I think we’ve experienced a lifting during our times together, particularly in our praise and worship. It’s also been a real blessing to see an increase in people being ministered to and prayed for; a definite sign that people want to move on and grow in God. At the heart of the encouragement to ‘turn it up’ lies the challenge to increase in fruitfulness; something that can’t be contained to a four-week series.

This morning we’re looking at how we can respond and ‘turn it up’ in our lives beyond the confines of these walls and our fellowship times. Wherever Jesus went he commanded a response, not necessarily in what he said or did, but because of his presence and authority. Last week we saw in John 20:21 how Jesus said to his disciples, ‘As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.’ Jesus responded to the will of the Father, and the world witnessed God’s love like never before.

In turn, he passes on his legacy to us, and challenges his followers to live lives that demonstrate his character. In our natural strength it’s a daunting challenge; however, it’s time to shake off our sense of limitation and ‘turn up’ who we are called to be! The apostle Paul reminds the Roman church that those in Christ are ‘called according to his purpose’ (Romans 8:28). How we respond to that is really down to us!