Going deeper in relationships

One thing I love about journeying with Jesus is the way that there’s always something new to learn. Being teachable is often challenging and calls for us frequently to ‘dig deep’ as we face new perspectives. If we choose to live a life of learning and hungering/thirsting after God, then we will keep on growing in our faith. Pursuing God is sometimes difficult and we must take comfort in the fact that even Jesus described the way to salvation (in him) as a narrow road accessed through a narrow gate (Matthew 7:13,14). The danger is that we try to make do with the basic package: church on Sunday; open the Bible during the message; pray when we are in a crisis. But the temptation to walk with Jesus at that level begs the question, ‘Is that really walking in fullness with him?’ I’m inspired by Hebrews 6:1. The writer encourages the early believers to go deeper, saying, ‘Leave the elementary teachings about Christ and go on to maturity.’ None of us like to think that we’re immature, but, if the truth be told, we all have our moments when childishness is unleashed! Over the years I have come to realise just how valuable it is to have people in my life whom I allow to correct me and speak truth; that’s a huge part of what authentic relationship is all about. When we engage deeper with God through his son, his Spirit and his word, he helps us to see the importance of relationship in our pursuit of leading a more fulfilled life. Maturity is a bi-product of realising that God’s ways are always best, even if we don’t always find it easy to see, whereas immaturity is stubborn, unbending and self-containing, preferring to live in denial rather than daring to seek spiritual depth. So today’s challenge? Do we dare to go deeper in our relationships and, as a church do we dare to foster a culture that encourages the whole body?