Fathers’ Day

We give you a warm welcome on this Fathers’ Day. It’s great to be able to celebrate and honour our dads! As with mothers, being a father is more than just having a name on an offspring’s birth certificate, it’s about a whole list of things: unconditional and ceaseless love; sharing time together and just being and enjoying that unique relationship and bond! In reality none of that happens because of biology. Our blood ties may have brought us together, but parenthood truly sparks as a result of purposeful investment — loving, emotional, time-consuming, spiritual, sacrificial investment — with only one thing on the agenda: the demonstration of love!

This may be a mixed day for you, even a painful one where loss and sadness are heightened in the context of the day. We hope, here at CCC, you’ll experience a good family who demonstrate and offer sensitivity, love and understanding. Maybe you need someone to pray with you … let’s be that kind of church. Primarily we pray that today we will all increasingly know the gracious love of our heavenly Father, the one who ‘so loved the world that He gave His only Son’. (John 3:16)