Your face, Lord, I will seek

Well, it’s been quite a week as we’ve sought to go deeper with God during our period of prayer and fasting. I sense that it’s been quite significant for many, as well as for church corporately. I guess that some of the challenges we face as we step forward is to resist the inclination to either see the last week as a ‘stand-alone’ event and consign it to memory, or to try and recreate/dwell in what God did last week! I think it’s vital that we take the blessings, challenges and inspirations that many of us experienced and use them as a springboard as we take hold each day with a fresh air of faith and expectation.

It’s important that we continue to stir ourselves up every day as we pursue God’s glorious presence. I love the sense of the inner conversation of King David, recorded in Psalm 27:8. He declares, ‘My heart says of you, “Seek his face!”’

‘Your face, Lord, I will seek,’ is his response.

I’m sure we have grown as a body of Christ’s disciples, and I encourage us all to keep on growing and seeking him. Let the inner conversations be godly and Spirit-led, as we resolve to ‘seek His face’ daily in order to go even deeper in the days ahead!