Expect the unexpected!

After yet another surprising chapter in the political life of our nation, I was reminded of one of the first sermons I ever preached. It was entitled ‘expecting the unexpected’. Something of a cliché, I admit, which kind of defeats the object of the message!

Perhaps, after the last twelve months, nothing surprises us any more on the political stage, but I’m challenged to ask the question of myself, ‘Do I still expect the unexpected when it comes to the things of God?’ I long to see the church of Jesus Christ embracing a new level of expectation, where we are hungry to see change individually, corporately and then consequently for our community.

Last week, as we looked at Acts chapter two and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. The response of those looking on was amazement, perplexity and asking, ‘What does this mean?’ They even tried to qualify it all with accusations of drunkenness! In my experience, people tend to scoff at the things they don’t understand, yet surely faith is designed to expand us beyond our all-too-often rather limited outlook.

The Bible challenges us frequently to expect the unexpected. There are too many examples to list, however, our whole Christian faith hinges on the marvel of ‘the Word becoming flesh and making His dwelling among us … the only begotten Son who came from the Father’. Apart from a few prophets, and a number of wise men, very few expected that before it actually happened! I want to encourage us as followers of Christ to be biblical and live beyond our earthly restraints for the glory of God!