Delighting in God

Let’s start with a little Bible trivia: the longest psalm in the Bible is Psalm 119; consisting of 176 verses and, like the majority of the Old Testament, written in Hebrew. To the Hebrews it was known by its opening words, ‘Happy are those whose way is perfect.’ The overriding theme can be summarised as delighting in and living in the law of God. I encourage you to give it a read, not out of duty but with a sense of delight. It will bless and inspire you to go deeper.

Delighting ourselves in the Lord and his ways is immensely powerful. Things are so much easier to do when we enjoy them; time goes quicker, our mood improves and our productivity increases when we are enjoying what we are doing. Conversely, when things are a drudge, time drags and we feel down and often lack the motivation to get things done.

King David wrote this in Psalm 37:4, ‘Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.’ Before we get all excited and see this as a blank cheque for God to give us everything we want, the qualifier is ‘delighting’ ourselves in him. When we prioritise the things that glorify him and aim to please him rather than self, our desires become shaped by an overwhelming urge to please the Lord rather than ourselves.