Conviction in our calling

I’m not always the most patriotic, but I think I’ve been impacted a little by the thought of being alive during the reign of the country’s longest reigning monarch, as our queen overtook Victoria during the last week; something to tell the grandchildren you might say!

Whether you consider yourself to be a royalist or not, you can’t fail to be impressed by the longevity, commitment and dedication of Queen Elizabeth. Her reign has touched seven decades and she has seen many changes, yet she has kept focused on that which she was appointed to do because she has carried with her the conviction of her calling. A sense of calling is really important to us as followers of Jesus Christ. Sometimes we’ve elevated the concept of calling to just being about full-time ministers, and that was never God’s intention. The call to the first disciples was simple and profound: ‘Follow me.’ (See Mark 1:16 and 2:14.) Yet the Lord gave no grand plan, extensive vision or preview. Sometimes we want to know such security and safety before we step out into God’s plans, but surely the call is simple … go and be like Jesus! Spend time with Him, love like Him, talk like Him, act like Him, trust the Father like Him … everything else is secondary!