Connected in relationship

I hope you’ve had an awesome summer; it feels to me like it really has gone on forever! As we journey into autumn, I’m believing that God has got some great things in store for us; I hope you can join me in that sense of expectation as we embrace a new season together.

Over the coming weeks we will re-visit one of our core values: namely, what it means to be connected in relationship and how vital that is for our spiritual growth. You may remember that in June we were challenged to evaluate how we are doing in certain key areas that paint a picture of our relational health, such as loving one another, grace, generosity, encouragement, living together, servanthood, celebrating together and taking initiative.

I passionately believe that our ability to relate well and with depth not only strengthens our daily walk with the Lord Jesus Christ but also helps with our embracing of God as our heavenly father and aids our understanding of the Holy Spirit as our counsellor. God is supremely relational, and he longs to see people like us discovering a deeper sense of what that really means for us and how we can demonstrate it to those we share our lives with. The church of Jesus Christ and the community it serves thrives best when we choose to work at our relationships; it really is that important! Today we begin to look at some of what Jesus said about relationship in the gospels and how he demonstrated it through his personal actions and interactions, so let’s journey together!