Communication with God

I’ve been reminded again this week that God continually wants to communicate with us, and he is highly creative in his methods. He speaks through his Spirit, through his Word, through our praise and worship of him, through people, through times of peace and meditating on him, through dreams and visions and, of course, through prayer.

There are other ways, I know, but my point is that God has not made communication difficult from his side, so why do many of us struggle to find clarity in what God is wanting to say to us? Maybe we are holding out for that big audible voice from Heaven. Of course, God can speak in that way, but he is so much more creative than that. He speaks in ways that are only accessible through intimacy and to those who seriously seek him. God knows that when we pursue him irrespective of life’s pre-occupations, we grow! When we demonstrate a passion for him and a hunger to know him, we demonstrate a readiness to go deeper.

God says these words to his people through the prophet Jeremiah: ‘”You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. I will be found by you,” says the LORD.’ God is not into the partial; he doesn’t share his glory and why should he? He gave of his Son: Heaven’s best! How much of our attention are we willing to give to God today? Lay aside the distraction and be encouraged: when we seek him, we will find him and that’s when things are really likely to happen!