Come with expectation

We had a great day yesterday mixing with our neighbours and friends. It was so satisfying seeing people of all ages coming together: serving, engaging, raising money for a worthwhile cause and having some fun along the way! Later on it was over to the kids and a real joy to see them worshipping and getting fired up at ‘Blaze’. Thank you to all who served.

Today is a new day, bringing fresh possibilities and the chance to have our expectations exceeded, if that’s what we really want. Maybe you feel a bit tired and a bit lacking. It’s always puzzled me how, as believers, we can slip into the mind-set of feeling too tired to engage with God; when it’s in His presence, as we wait upon Him, that our strength is wonderfully renewed (Isaiah 40:31). It’s nearly as puzzling as keeping away from the church family when we feel down or physically out of sorts: exactly the right time to connect with the body of Christ to be prayed for and built up!

Tonight might seem like the last lap in a long weekend but, as we meet to worship, praise and pray, I believe that the Lord will renew some strength, meet some needs and open up Heaven over us. I encourage you to come along with expectation; these really are days to press in and not shy away!