Challenged to grow

Today we are looking at our second core value: ‘challenged to grow’.

Growth is an interesting phenomenon: we tend to think that it happens of its own accord, but nothing in God’s creative plan is random. Even those annoying daisies and dandelions, that mess up the look of our lawns, happen because seeds found their way onto soil; there was warmth, sunshine and rain and the end result is there for all to see! For those who don’t care for daisies and dandelions, weed control is an option or, failing that, concrete?! (I’m not advocating that!)

Our spiritual growth is also subject to various factors, starting with the seed of faith sown in us, as someone cared enough to share the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ with us. It is then fed, watered and warmed, as we spend time in God’s presence, worshipping Him, praying and communing with Him and allowing His Holy Spirit to change us. We must also spend time in His Word (the Bible) and in fellowship with other believers, who can nurture us and encourage us along the way. Our spiritual growth will determine our maturity in Christ. It’s important to say here that our progress in God is a never ending journey — welcome to our gathering of ‘works in progress’! Our meeting together isn’t a competition; in fact, let’s see it as a ‘body of encouragers’, where comparing ourselves to one another isn’t in our church culture, but, instead, we are known as those liberate each other to grow together to be increasingly like Jesus … that’s my kind of church!