Blue Monday

I was reminded the other day how much I used to struggle with January. It really affected me: the days dragged on, it always seemed to be dark and cold, and spring seemed like an eternity away. I genuinely used to feel down in the dumps. Some might call it Seasonal Affective Disorder, and that can be disabling in all kinds of ways. Others might say it is a lack of vitamin D; again, a very real cause in feeling less than sparky at this time of year. Of course we can go to the pharmacist or the doctor to get some advice and we never discourage that, but there is another path to shaking off the winter blues and that has to be drawing nearer to God!

If you’re a little puzzled by that thought, think about it: God is Lord over the seasons; he created them as a means of regulating the cycle of the world. For the natural world, winter is a time of rest (hibernation) before the life-burst of spring! Maybe you feel the effects of winter; well, remember, it will not last forever and spring will surely follow, so wait in expectation for that change of season.

Drawing closer to Jesus and allowing the warmth of his presence has to be the best advice for shaking off the winter blues. Hebrews 1:3 says, ‘The Son is the radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of his being.’ Need some radiance? Look no further than the Saviour. It may be winter out there, but the fire of his presence within us need not be quenched as we worship him today!