We use the word ‘blessing’ a lot in church life; we use it to greet and say goodbye, to affirm or just sound a bit more spiritual! For some, it’s used primarily to describe the comforts and trappings that we acquire. The Bible says that those who are followers of Christ are a blessed people and there is no indication that this is on condition of possessions or wealth.

Ephesians 1:3 describes the saints in Ephesus as ‘blessed… with every spiritual blessing in Christ’. While it is right to give God thanks for the material blessings, the first verses of the Ephesian letter give a significant clue that our priority should be focusing on spiritual blessings, i.e. the things that enhance and deepen our relationship and walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. If we view blessing only in terms of material gain or the presence of that ‘happy’ feeling, we are in danger of lurching from one emotion to another and lacking the appreciation that true blessing is not about the treasures of this world, but rooted in knowing that we are anchored in Christ in all circumstances through His redemptive sacrifice!

The beatitudes of Matthew 5 see Jesus preaching that the ‘poor in spirit’ are blessed; ‘those who mourn’ are blessed; as well as those ‘persecuted for righteousness sake’, etc., etc. The word ‘blessed’ that is used by Jesus means ‘to be fully satisfied’. When we allow our circumstances to draw us closer to Jesus, he will lead us into true satisfaction and turn our greatest storms into our most authentic opportunities to deepen our roots in him!