Articulating God’s goodness and grace

This morning we are looking at what Jesus says about celebrating. The more I think about the implications of what it means to celebrate, the more it delights me! When we celebrate in a Christian sense, we are really highlighting and articulating God’s goodness and grace!

Even before the birth of Christ, God’s people (the Jews) practiced and understood the importance of celebration through the various feasts installed down through the years to remember the faithfulness of the Lord. Jesus celebrated these feasts too, for example, in Matthew’s Gospel, Jesus asks the disciples to go into Jerusalem and make preparations to eat the Passover and he refers to the feast as a celebration (Matthew 26:18).

This is even more powerful when we understand that Jesus is the Passover Lamb, sacrificed to restore us relationally back to God and the celebration feast is no longer just about the historical events of God’s people being spared the death of the firstborn as recorded in Exodus 12; it’s now far bigger than that! You and I can celebrate now too, as we enjoy this incredible salvation that we have, the fullness of which will be revealed in heaven where we get to celebrate with God himself for all eternity!