Allowing love to prevail

Well done if you managed to negotiate the time difference — you made it! If you made your mum/wife breakfast in bed too, take some extra bonus points! Today will evoke all manner of emotions: love, joy, thankfulness, sadness, grief and perhaps regret. It may be a day full of memories; all of these things are part of the picture of that which makes us human!

On Wednesday we were shocked by the events around Westminster and one man’s total disregard for life, yet we also witnessed the best of humanity: great heroism and people putting themselves in danger to help others. The mood after these events turned from shock to defiance, with voices echoing with a determination to carry on and not be controlled by fear. Allowing love to prevail in all circumstances is essential and biblical. In Romans 12:21 Paul says, ‘Do not be overcome by evil but overcome evil with good.’ Essentially, these words summarise the work of the cross. Jesus gained the victory, not by beating Satan through stooping to his level, but by presenting Himself as a perfect sacrifice. Let us always remember that it is when we are prepared to love, forgive and care that we display truly Christ-like humanity and it is then that we really overcome!