As we enter this Advent period, of course, wherever you go, the commercial version of Christmas is already in full swing! It’s quite a contrast to the Bible’s account. Luke is the main biographer for the birth of Jesus, telling us that, when the incarnate Christ was born and laid in a cattle trough, an angel of the Lord imparted the ‘good news of great joy’ to unsuspecting shepherds and ‘a great company of the heavenly host’ appeared and praised God for this incredible event! (See Luke 2:1-20) Quite a contrast; the humility of Jesus’ birth against a backdrop of heaven-sent pure praise! My prayer this year is that we will see beyond the hype and excess and be captivated by the humility, hope, love and salvation we find in Christ and that, consequently, we also will choose to follow the example of the angelic hosts and react with praise and fresh adoration for Jesus, our wonderful lord and saviour!