Vision, Values and Beliefs


We’re a mainstream Christian church, taking our place alongside other major expressions and denominations as one church. We believe the good news of Jesus is for everyone and we aim to partner with the Holy Spirit in seeing our community impacted by God’s transforming power.


Here are our four core values:

1. Centred in Christ

Emphasising that whatever we do, Jesus is to be our pattern, our emphasis and our focus.

2. Connected in relationship

Stressing the importance of relationship: with Christ, with our fellow Christians and with our wider communities.

3. Challenged to grow

Incorporating personal spiritual health and growth, discipleship and numerical growth for our fellowship through evangelism.

4. Called to community

Taking responsibility for our church, town, nation and world through prayer, giving, serving, blessing and loving.


As an Assemblies of God Church, we agree with their statement of belief. This can be found here.

Meet the team

Find out more here about some of the team that make Clitheroe Community Church tick.

Key partnerships

Visit our key partnerships page to find out about groups and organisations that we have links with.